5 Tips That Will Extends Berti Mulcher Parts Lifespan

5 Tips That Will Extends Berti Mulcher Parts Lifespan

So you want to get most out of your Berti mulcher parts? Well that is not difficult to unlike what many people think. If you have been using Berti mulcher and don’t get satisfied with the lifespan of your wear parts such as teeth, then we have something for you. Here key Berti mulcher maintenance tips that will help you extend the lifespan of your machine wear parts.

 Lubricant Berti Mulcher Frequently

One of the biggest reasons why wear parts wear out really fast is because of the poor lubrication. A lot of friction is developed in by the moving, and the produced heat is the one that destroys your wear parts. That is why it is important to ensure that whatever type of maintenance that you are doing check the problem of lubrication. Have all the moving parts including bearing; chains greased properly and regularly to keep your machine friction free.

Check for Signs of Wear

One of the best ways of extending your Berti mulcher parts is dealing wear at the first stages. That is why you need to check the signs of wear on the machine parts.  You easily tell when your machine wear parts are wearing down. If you are experienced excess vibration, lots of friction, increased fuel consumption, then there are some parts that need to be fixed. For the Berti mulcher teeth, you might start seeing some line that indicates cracks.

Have a Maintenance Schedule

For the maintenance of the Berti mulcher, there are two things that you need to take into account. First, you need to have the regular maintenance of the machine where is it checked for faults after the task or before being deployed. Second, you must ensure that you have you have followed the manufacturer maintenance schedule based on how you have used the machine. This is comprehensive maintenance where every part of the Berti mulcher is checked.

Qualified Operator

One last thing is the quality of the operator that running the machine. Do not make a mistake of hiring someone just because they operate the machine. Anyone trained can do that but what matters is the experience. Inexperienced operators are known to increase the rate of wear of machine parts. Therefore, get someone who has enough experience to operate the machine.

Keep Your Berti Mulcher Clean

Always keep the machine clean. Use power cleaning to remove dust and debris that could cause rusting of the metallic parts.

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