Beginners Guide: Cold Extrusion Process Manufacturing 101

Beginners Guide: Cold Extrusion Process Manufacturing 101

Most still wonder how cold extrusion process manufacturing is done. Apart from the huge machines, you see in the factor, the process of manufacturing cold forged parts is pretty simple. In this beginners guide, we have listed and discussed the five steps for cold extrusion process manufacturing. Check out the following:

Step 1: Selecting and Preparing Workpiece

The first step to cold extrusion process manufacturing is selecting and preparing the workpiece. This is one of the crucial things you step for quality standards to be maintained. Make sure that you have gotten the right metal depending on the parts that you want to construct. If the product need requires hard and very strong metal properties, then you need metal like steel for the workpiece.

Step 2: Making Molds

The second step in the cold extrusion process manufacturing is the making of the molds. This is one of the crucial steps that are also quite complex. You need someone who can accurately design the mold and digitize for the machine equipment to make the mold. The design and the making of the mold are determined by the product to be formed.

Step: 3 Workpiece Forging

The next step should be placing and fixing the mold on the pressing machine. The cold extrusion usually uses two molds. One on the punching service and the other on the puncher or the hammer. Once the dies are in place, place the workpiece on them. Make sure that the workpiece is properly lubricated to make the removal of the forged part easy. The oil also keeps the workpiece cool during the punching. Now you can punch the workpiece to forge the required part.

Step 4: Flashing and removal

Unless you are precision forging, you need to remove flashes is metal that couldn’t fill the mold. The flash is usually collected because they are recyclable. The removal of flashes can be done by hand but with the right protective gear. With the flash removed, have the part removed from the mold. Because of the oil, this shouldn’t be difficult to remove. There are special tools for this because the part is still very hot. There are advanced factories that are using robotic arms to remove forged parts.

Step 5: Finishing Work

The finishing work is very crucial in the cold extrusion process manufacturing. You need to ensure that the parts have been refined by finishing the areas that still awkward. The aim of finishing work is to give the item a perfect shape.

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