Factors Determining The Choice Of Greenteeth Stump Grinder Teeth

The perfect greenteeth stump grinder teeth for your machine must match your digging needs. This is an important factor to always consider when buying these machine parts. You need to look into several factors to ensure that you have gotten the best green teeth for your stump grinder. That’s what we have for you in this article. Read the below factors:

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The types of the machine

The type of machine or the stump that you are using is one of the factors that you need to consider. There are many factors that go into selecting the machine, and one of the major ones is horsepower. You need to know how large or small is the hp of the stump grinder so that you can get teeth that match the power. Otherwise, you might have a lot of teeth breakages.

Wheel Size  

The other thing you need to get right about the greenteeth stump grinding teeth is the size of the wheel. You need to know how large is the wheel is before you can buy the teeth. Can the teeth match the size of the wheel on your stump grinder? Without knowing the wheel size, you might end up buying green teeth that do not match your needs.

The Soil Type

Do not forget to check the type of soil in the area where you are removing stumps. This is something that most stump grinder users forget to check and end up having problems. Your greenteeth stump grinder teeth will, in one way or the other, come into contact with the soil. If the soil is rocky and you have low quality, you will have a lot of breakages when removing stumps. That’s why you need to consider the soil type seriously.

Raw Materials and Grades

Steel and carbide are the most widely used materials for constructing the greenteeth stump grinder teeth. But you also need to ensure that you have gotten the best quality for the specific green teeth that you need. So make sure that you have the right best grades for both materials.

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