Tips To Maintain Clean Cutting Shredder Wear Parts

For your wood shredder machine to deliver the best results, there are several things that you need to get right. One of these things is the condition of the cutter tools. You must ensure that your cutter tools are in the best condition possible to offer the best cutting performance.

One of the crucial things that you need to consider in shredder wear parts is the cutting performance. The cutter tools must be kept in the sharpest form possible to produce a clean cut. There are ways that you can ensure that this is achieved. Here are the best tips to maintain clean cutting shredder wear parts:

Regular Sharpening

One of the things that you need to consider is the sharpening of the shredder wear parts. The reason why your machine is not producing a clean cut is because of the blunting or dulling of the teeth tips. That’s why you need to consider sharpening the shredder teeth that seem to develop bluntness. Sharpening of the cutter tools is one of the most recommended general maintenance tips for all cutting tips. So, keep checking the condition of the teeth tips.

Have Carbide Tips

If your shredder cutter teeth are not fitted with carbide tips, then it will be difficult to maintain a clean-cut for long. In fact, you will not go long without experiencing a massive reduction in the machine’s performance and productivity due to blunting. But carbide tips, you will be guaranteed clean cutting due to the sharpness that the material offers. You can get tungsten carbide, the highest grade of carbide, for better cutting efficiency.

Thermal Deformation Features

The other thing that you need to consider to ensure clean cut shredder wear parts is thermal deformation features. This is a feature that determines how much heat that’s generated by the wood shredding process that parts can withstand. The lack of clean-cut is usually caused by the blunting of the heat due to overheating. That’s why it is an important factor to consider.

Tool load

The other thing you should take into consideration to maintain clean-cut shredder wear parts in tool load. Manufacturers design and produces tools that can suit certain conditions. If these tools are applied for conditions beyond what they are designed for, then they might not withstand the heat produced during the shredding. That’s why it is important to ensure that you have checked the kind of load your machine can handle to get the right wear parts.

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